Oct 15

My dog may have leishmaniasis

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First i introduce my self my name is Walter work at Prime Assignment (https://www.primeassignment.com/buy-assignment ) Company. My roughly 2 to 3 years of age Brittany may have Leishmaniasis, we took her to the vet today and we will know without a doubt tomorrow. It's a truly normal thing in Greece (where I live) from what I can be sure of is that I haven't saw any of the basic manifestations with the exception of the way that she rests all the more of late is she is less dynamic and furthermore that she has lost hair on her head and different pieces of her body. Her weight is pretty much the equivalent from August until I began seeing changes (around about fourteen days back and I am my ineptitude didn't take her to the vet at that point) and now. She hasn't been drinking a mess more water fundamentally equivalent to the last 35°C summer in Greece and she has been peeing ordinarily with no looseness of the bowels not one or the other. I needed to get some information about the treatment progress, to what extent it endures how it is for both the proprietor and the canine. Sorry on the off chance that I didn't state any significant information please ask me and I'll add it to the remarks. :)

Oct 24

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  • We have been asked to start this Leishmaniasis forum for the many patients in the US who need a place to ask questions about this rare disease and also talk to others about treatment options and drug side effects. This is a rare disease and a rare opportunity to share your experiences

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How often do I take Impavido (miltefosine)?


Normal dose is 50 mg three times a day for 28 days.


What is the most common side effect?


About half of all patients will experience GI issues such as nausea or vomiting.


How can I mitigate side effect of nausea/vomiting?


30 minutes before each meal take an anti-nauseant such as Zofran.  Then take Impavido with a fatty meal 30 minutes later.  Keep hydrated.  Its always easier to prevent nausea in the first place rather than treating after it happens.

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