Medical Professional

Role in Ordering

Medical Professionals need to follow these steps:

1. Fill out prescription 

         Rx is one 50 mg capsule TID for 28 days

(TOTAL 84 capsules). Take with Food.


2. Fill out Patient Support Letter (See Below) and Send

to Insurance Company.

           3. Send Patient to either Walgreen's or

Out-patient Hospital Pharmacy.

Product will be shipped next day to the Pharmacist once above has been completed. If for some reason you need it sooner. Please Contact us.

 Impavido® (miltefosine) is an FDA-approved treatment for cutaneous,  mucosal and visceral leishmaniasis in patients 12 years of age and older. PLEASE SEE FULL PRESCRIBING INFO 


Contact Your Doctor or the CDC to Learn More about IMPAVIDO (miltefosine)

Impavido is a registered trademark of Knight Therapeutics Licensed exclusively to Profounda in the USA

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For Emergencies
Call 911